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Available for Mutiple Performances only in the U.S. or U.K through December, 2010

In My Case An Exception Should Be Made:
An Audience With William Saroyan

Concieved, compiled, and performed by Todd Wronski, based on the life and writings of William Saroyan


In this one-man performance piece, we meet William Saroyan in his home in Fresno, near the end of his long career as one of America's most distinctive writers. Through the 90 minute "audience" with Saroyan, we learn of his birth, his experiences in the Fred Finch orphanage and his meteoric rise to the top of the worlds of literature, film and theatre. We also experience his challenges with the Army, gambling, marriage and the sometimes fleeting nature of fame. The reviews from the original European production commented that Wronski "captures Saroyan's maverick spirit" in touching on the unique blend of laughter and pain, sorrow and joy that makes Saroyan's writing so complex and satisfying.

This performance is ideal for all audiences, especially those interested in writing, the creative process, Armenian-American culture, and depression-era literature. Drawing on over a thousand selections from Saroyan's vast output of public and private writings, In My Case An Exception Should Be Made includes highlights from The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, The Time of Your Life, The Human Comedy, My Name is Aram and many of Saroyan's best autobiographical writings.


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