Robert Winston
Professor of English




I’ve taught at Dickinson since 1979. My training at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was in American Literature to 1914, though I also studied more recent American fiction as well. I’ve taught a wide variety of American literature courses at the College, including Early American Writing, the American Renaissance, the American Novel, the American Short Story, Nineteenth-Century American Poetry, as well as courses and seminars on major figures like Poe, Hawthorne, and Melville. Recently I've developed courses in detective fiction and Contemporary Scottish Fiction.

East College


For the academic years 1998-2000 I directed the Dickinson Program in England at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. It was a great opportunity for my wife and I to return (we lived in Norwich from 1988-90 as well, when I was the program’s first director). This time we were accompanied by our two sons, the older of whom was born in Norwich in 1988.

My research has evolved over my career. I began by writing on early American fiction (Crevecoeur, Bird, Paulding). More recently I’ve been writing about detective fiction, including co-authoring a book on contemporary European police procedurals (The Public Eye: Ideology and the Police Procedural). My most recent work has been on teaching detective fiction and the work of Denise Mina (

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