Susan D. Rose, Charles A. Dana Professor of Sociology and Director, Community Studies Center. PhD., Cornell University (1984). Professor Rose specializes in the sociology of religion, immigration, family, violence, and race, class, gender studies. She uses a comparative (cross-cultural and historical) approach to the study of family, religion, education, and violence. She has conducted fieldwork in the United States, Guatemala, the Philippines, and South Korea on evangelical movements, education, and gender that has resulted in a number of articles and books. These include: Challenging Global Gender Violence: The Global Clothesline Project (Palgrave, 2013); Exporting the American Gospel: Global Christian Fundamentalism (Routledge, 1998) and Keeping Them Out of the Hands of Satan: Christian Schooling in America (Routledge, 1986). Her recent work explores sexuality and sexuality education in Denmark and the United States, the impact of the Religious Right on social policy in the United States, and immigration studies.

Recipient of the Michael Harrington Distinguished Teaching Award (2003) from the National Poverty Forum, Dickinson College's Distinguished Teaching Award (2001), and the National Oral History Distinguished Teaching Award (1996-1998), Rose enjoys teaching a variety of classes. She challenges her students to ask significant questions and to pursue them, using various theoretical and methodological approaches.

Boy from Peribán, México
Children from Choroní, Venezuela
Girl from Peribán, México
Boys from Havana, Cuba
Boy from Monte Carmelo, Venezuela

Courses include:

  • Social Analysis
  • Family Phenomena
  • Cross Cultural Gender and the Family
Rumaldo Sr. and grandson, México
Carmen and daughter, México
Woman and child, Bamenda, Cameroon
Children from Peribán, México
Teja's parents, Hyderabad, India
Midwives from Peribán, México

Drawing from oral history and ethnographic research, Rose has also co-produced a number of documentary films, including:

Susan Rose,Charles A. Dana Professor of Sociology and Director of the Community Studies Center
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