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Associate Professor of English                                                       ph:(717) 245-1499

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P.O. Box 1773                                                                           moffat@dickinson.edu

Carlisle, PA 17013-2896 USA                                                       http://www.dickinson.edu/~moffat 



Ph.D.  1985;  M.Phil.  1981; M.A. 1979; B.A.  1977.  Yale University.  All  degrees in English Literature



Teaching: Associate Professor of English, Dickinson College, 1994-; Assistant Professor of English, 1986-1994; Instructor of  English, 1984-1986; Yale College, Acting Instructor, Teaching Fellow, 1980-1984; Administrative Experience: President ( 2004)  Executive Board Member, Associated Departments of English of the Modern Language Association 2002-4 ; Member Ad-hoc Committee on Financing Higher Education, 2003-4; Chair, Dickinson College English Department, 1999- 2002 ; Director, Dickinson Programmes (Humanities and Science) in  Norwich England, 1997-8. Professional Consulting , Drury University, Ithaca College, Lebanon Valley College. Editorial Board, Literature Compass.


Current Research:

Book manuscript : "A Great Unrecorded History": A New Life of E.M. Forster

Under contract to Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Editor: Jonathan Galassi


Book Anthology [in progress]:

Adventures in the Queer Archives

Essays on the practical and theoretical problems of gay and queer archival work.



“Dressing in Cast-Off Clothes: Cross-Disciplinarity and Some Problems in Gay Cultural Studies,”  Submitted to College Literature  


“Ad Hoc Committee Report on Changes in the Structure and Financing of Higher Education”  (co-author),  ADE Bulletin (137, Spring 2005), 89-102.


“Only Connect! Departmental Community and the Alumni Network” in CEA Forum Online 34:1 (Winter/Spring 2005)


“ ’So much generosity...and affection’: some newly-discovered letters of E. M. Forster,” Modern Language Studies, 33:1 & 2 (2003-4) , 7-23.


"A Passage to India and the Limits of Certainty," [1990 article], reprinted in Harold Bloom, ed. A Passage to India (New York: Chelsea House, 2003), 73-87.


"Figure and Ground: The Transformation of the Dickinson College English Department’s Faculty and Curriculum," ADE Bulletin, Winter 2003 (133), 11-16.


"Marketing the English Major, Or Tending the Garden, Organically" ADE Bulletin  281: Spring 2001, 25-31.


"Political Metaphors: Teaching on a Cold-War Campus" John and Mary's Journal 14: 2001, 31-51.


Course Syllabus, English 220, in " Changing the Major: Innovation Priorities in the Field," Association of American Colleges and Universities Report , 1995, (p. 5)


"Domestic Violence: The Simple Tale within The Secret Agent," English Literature in Transition 37:4 (1994), 465- 489.


"Comment and Response on 'Identifying with Emma' " College English (54:4) 469-473.


"Identifying with Emma : Some Problems for the Feminist Reader" College English (53:1) 45-58 (January 1991)


"A Passage to India and the Limits of Certainty," Journal of Narrative Technique (20:3) 331-42 (Fall 1990)


Papers and Presentations:


New Chairs’ Workshop (with Irwin Weiser, Purdue University), ADE Summer Session, Montreal,  forthcoming June 2007.


“Out In the Archives: Experience and Theory in Queer Archival Work,” Modernist Studies Association Conference 8, MSA Tulsa Oct 2006.


 "Each person a new species": Toward  A Reparative Reading of Forster and el-Adl,” MSA 7, Chicago, Nov. 5, 2005. Panel Coordinator for Session “We All Know More than We Think”: Queer Empire.”


“ ‘Morgan’s Greatest Novel is his Life’ : Creating the Posthumous Queer Forster,”  International Narrative Conference, Louisville, KY, April 8, 2005. Panel Coordinator for Session on “Sense and Un-Ending: Reshaping the Boundaries of Narrative Convention.”


“Conducting a Successful Departmental Review,”  ADE Summer Session, Washington DC, June 11, 2005.


Preconvention Workshop for Job Seekers, Modern Language Association, Philadelphia, PA, Dec. 27, 2004. 


“Connecting Forster: Problems in Gay Cultural Biography” for Seminar on “Using Biography” Langdon Hammer (Yale Univ.) presiding, MSA6, Vancouver, B.C.,  Oct. 22, 2004.


“An Experiment in Faculty-Student Collaboration: Creating a Literary Circle” with Roger Brubaker and Sara Hoover, Common Hour, Dickinson College, Sept. 7, 2004.


New Chairs’ Workshop (with Irwin Weiser, Purdue University), ADE Summer Session, Kiawah Island, SC,  June 27, 2004


“Bloomsbury in Pennsylvania: A Multimedia Presentation” (with Sara Hoover, ’03 and Roger Brubaker, ’03), at Bloomsbury—A Centennial Celebration, London, University College, London, June 23, 2004


 " 'Labelled Now' : Forster's Creative Silence and Gay Kinship, "  International Narrative Conference, Burlington, VT, Apr. 25, 2004. Panel Coordinator for Session on “Censorship, Coded Silence, Amnesia: Narrative Strategies for Representing Sexuality and Slavery in British Culture.”  


“Queer Patrimony: The Case of George Platt Lynes' Portraits of E. M. Forster,” at Modern Language Association Conference, San Diego, CA, Dec. 29, 2003. Panel Coordinator for Special Session on “’Great Unrecorded History’: Archival Work in Gay Modernism. ” 


Preconvention Workshop for Members of Search Committees, at Modern Language Association Conference, San Diego, CA, Dec. 27, 2003.


Panel Coordinator for Special Session  on “Adventures in the Queer Archives” (Session Organizer) ; “Queer Patrimony: The Case of George Platt Lynes' Portraits of E. M. Forster,” at Modernist Studies Association Conference 5, Birmingham, UK, Sept. 26, 2003.


“Only Connect! Departmental Community and the Alumni Network”  National College English Association Conference, April 3, 2003 , St. Petersburg, FL


“‘Lest We Forget Him’: Forster and the ‘Scrapbook’ of Gay Canon,”  International Narrative Conference, March  29, 2003, Berkeley, CA.


“Teaching the Interview: The Job Search in English,” Modern Language Association Convention, New York, Dec. 27, 2002


"Himself 'That Way': Transmitting Gay Cultural History in Merchant/Ivory's Adaptation of E.M. Forster's Maurice" [co-written with Sara Hoover, ‘03], Literature/Film Association Conference, Dickinson College, October 2002


 "The English Major as a Departmental Project," ADE Conference, Cooperstown, NY, June, 2002


 "Forster's Appropriation of Hellenism" New Modernism Studies Conference, University of Pennsylvania, October 2000


 "Marketing the English Major, Or Tending the Garden, Organically" ADE Conference, Roanoke, July, 2000


 "Reading as Outing: Forster's 'My Books and I' and Cultural Misunderstanding" International Narrative Conference, Dartmouth College, April 1999


 "Being Literate about Literature: The Senior Writing Experience,"  PA Council of Teachers of English Conference, Bloomsburg, PA, April 1993


 "Coercive Celebrations," MLA Convention, Chicago, December 1990


 "The Narrator, the Reader, and Emma,” East Central American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, Dickinson College, October 1990


 "Joyce's Implied Readers: the Politics of Joyce Biography," International James Joyce Conference, Philadelphia, June 1989


"Emma's Mother: Double Narrative and the Problem of the Feminist Reader" International Conference for the Study of Narrative Literature, Madison, April 1989


 "In Accord with his Audience: Hitchcock's Sabotage and Conrad's The Secret Agent" MLA Convention, Chicago, December 1986


Book Reviews:

Review of Jonathan Rose's The Intellectual Life of the British Working Class (Yale University Press, 2001), SHARP NEWS: The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing Newsletter 11:4 (Autumn 2002), 8.


Review of E. M. Forster: Critical Assessments (4 vols.) ed. J.H. Stape, Helm Publishers, 1999, Annotated Bibliography of English Studies, Amsterdam, Netherlands


 "Leonard and Virginia Woolf as Publishers," review of Leonard and Virginia Woolf as Publishers: The Hogarth Press, 1917-41, by J.H. Willis Jr. in English Literature in Transition, 37:1 (Winter 1994), 69-71.


"Two on Conrad," review of Joseph Conrad by Ruth L. Nadelhaft and Joseph Conrad and the Modern Temper by Daphna Erdinast-Vulcan, English Literature in Transition, 35:4 (Fall 1992) 526-529.


 "Virginia Woolf," review of John Batchelor's Virginia Woolf: The Major Novels, English Literature in Transition, 35:3 (Summer 1992) 381-3.


"James, Joyce, and Woolf," review of Daniel Mark Fogel's Covert Relations: Henry James, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, English Literature in Transition, 34:4 (Fall 1991), 366-369.


"Contexts for Modernism," review of Clair M. Tylee's The Great War and Women's Consciousness and Stella McNichols' Virginia Woolf and the Poetry of Fiction, English Literature in Transition, Vol. 34:2 (Spring 1991), 222-226.


 "The Search for Meaning," review of Wendell V. Harris' Interpretive Acts in Search of Meaning, English Literature in Translation, (33:2) (Spring 1990), 263-265.  


Courses Taught:

In Modernism: Modern British Novel; Bloomsbury and the Idea of the Literary Circle ; James Joyce's Ulysses ; Woolf and Joyce ; Virginia Woolf ; Homosexuality and Modernism ; Sexuality and Modernism ; Public and Private Voices in Woolf, Forster, and Orwell

In Theory and Narrative: Critical Approaches and Literary Methods; Practical Literary Criticism; History of Literary Theory; The Novel and Literary Theory; Fiction and Narrative Film ; Reader-Response Criticism

Other Courses: Victorian London ; The Development of the Novel; Austen and her Time ; Origins of the English Novel ; Nineteenth Century British Literature; Pandora's Dilemma: Knowledge and Responsibility ; Campus Culture  ; Introduction to Literature (Genres); Introduction to Women's Studies; Senior Writing Workshop ); Expository Writing.

Courses Taught Abroad: (Humanities Summer Program) London as a Text: An Interdisciplinary Approach; Humanities 309 London: An Interdisciplinary Course; Humanities 310; East Anglia: An Interdisciplinary Approach

 Independent Studies and Tutorials: "George Eliot and Henry James"; "James Joyce's Ulysses"; "Virginia Woolf and Autobiography"; "D. H. Lawrence and the Unconscious"; "British Great War Poetry in Context"


Selected Awards and Honors:

Beinecke Fellowship, Yale University Library, Sept. 2007, forthcoming; Dana Research Assistant Grant, 2007,  2005, 2002-3, Summer 2002, 1999-2000; Dickinson Research and Development Grant, 2002, 2001, 1987-88, 1989-90; Mellon Fellowship for Faculty/Student Research, Summer 1996; Constance and Rose Ganoe Award for Inspirational Teaching, 1995;  Reassigned Time for curricular innovation, Spring 1993; Dickinson College Board of Advisors' Grant, Summer 1992; Dickinson College Nomination for Summer NEH Fellowship, 1992; Dana Student Intern Grant, (1989,1990,1992); NEH Fellow, Summer Seminar, Cornell University, "Critical Perspectives on the Early Modern British Novel,"  1988; Graduate School: Yale English Department Nomination for Yale College Teaching Prize, 1981; Yale University Fellowships: 1981-82; 80-81; 78-79; Edward and Elizabeth Stuart Moody Fellowship: 1979-80; Phi Beta Kappa: 1977; Yale College, Magna cum laude, Distinction in English: 1977 




Dickinson College (Selected) Professional Activities:


Dickinson College: IT Committee, 2006- ;Secretary of the Faculty, 2001-2; Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships Advisor 1999-2002; Founder, Co-Chair, Dickinson/ Carlisle Area School District Liaison Group, 1994-2004; Faculty Personnel Appeals Committee, 1996-7; Strategic Planning Group Member, Summer 1996; Judicial Board Member 1988-89; Faculty Representative, College Affirmative Action Committee, 1988-1991; Board Member and Co-Chair, Commission on the Status of Women, 1988-89; Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid, 1986-87.


Community Activities: Founder and Co-Chair Carlisle Area School District/ Dickinson College Liaison, 1994- 2004; Co-writer, National Humanities Center Professional Development Grant, Carlisle School District 2001.


Professional Memberships: Associated Departments of English; Modern Language Association; College English Association; Virginia Woolf Society; Jane Austen Society of North America; Society for the Study of Narrative; Society for the History of Authorship, Readership, and Printing;  Modernist Studies Association.