Vidar was best known as "the Silent God". He is the son of Odin and the giantess, Grid.

Vidar was very independent, for he enjoyed his freedom by living in complete solitude. His palace was known as Idavoll. It was located in the depths of a dense forest in Asgard. This place was much like an enchanted garden of abundant flowers, rich greenery and great pillars of trees. There Vidar lived alone.

At Ragnarok, Vidar tried to save his father Odin's life. His strength was almost as great as Thor's. He possesed a shoe that has been in the making since the beginning of time. This special shoe was made out of the strips of leather pared off by cobblers from the front and heels of shoes. Others who wanted to help the Aesir fashion this shoe would donate leather strips. With this armament of defense,Vidar placed his foot in the Fenris wolf's mouth. He took hold of its upper jaw and pulled the wolf's throat assunder, thereby causing its death.

Vidar is destined to survive the world's destruction and inherit and reign in the new world after the fires of Ragnarok have died out.

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