Vali was part of the Aesir and also the son of Odin and Rind. This god was bold in the battelfield and a very good shooter. He occupied a throne in Gladsheim and resided in a palace called Valaskialf.

Vali sought vengence for his half brother, Baldr, by killing his slayer, Hod. Vali's actions were predestined. The seers foretold that Odin would concieve a child with Rind, the giantess. It was foreseen that Vali would take vengence on the first day of his birth in which he would also achieve his full stature. It is also said that Vali would remain unwashed with his hair uncombed until Hoder was burned at the pyre.

Vali is destined not to be harmed by sea nor by Surt's fire.

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