Ull was the god of archery and one of the Aesir. He is the son of Sif and Thor's stepson.

Ull's dwelling place was at Ydalir. He was an exceptional archer and skier. He was owner of a pair of snowshoes made of bone which aided him in skiing. He was therefore considered a winter god.

Ull's kenning was "God of the Shield". It is speculated the Ull might have used his shield as a boat. In Skaldic verses shields are called, The ships of Ull. The Eddas note that Ull could record magical runes over a piece of bone and magically change it into a vessel that could transport him over land and sea at his will.

Ull has been described as having all the qualities of an excellent warrior. He possesed a longbow which he used for archery. It was made of wood from the Yew tree Those who need protection in a duel invoke the god Ull. He was also admired for his beauty. However, Ull still remains a mysterious godly figure, hence very little information has been recorded about him. Ull has some connection with the Vanir in Norway and Sweden.

Ull was married to Skadi. Their marriage did not last long.

There is no recorded information of Ull's specific participation in Ragnarok. However, he perished in the last battle.

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