A new beginning will come after the world's destruction. The earth will emerge out of the sea and flourish vigorously. The sons and daughters of the Aesir and Vanir will survive Ragnarok and meet in council on the plain of Ida, where Asgard used to be.

Odin's sons, Vidar and Vali will meet there and the sons of Thor will join them and be heirs of their fathers hammer, Mjollnir. The beloved god Baldr and his brother Hod will return fron Hel and join the rest, while Hoenir will predict what is to become of the new world.

Bor's sons, Vili and Ve, will be sent to the heavens to rule with the rest. The new ruling gods will congregate and recall past memories of Ragnarok. Treasures that once belonged to the Aesir will be found scattered on grassy plains and will be looked upon with great amazement.

Gimle will once more house the gods in peace and bounty. Good and evil, however, will not cease to exist, for there will be a region in Hel called Nastrond, the shore of the dead. The dragon Nidhogg will survive the fiery doom and continue to gnaw on the bodies of the deceased.

The man and woman who sought shelter under the branches of Yggdrasil will be called Lif and Lifthrasir. They will nourish themselves with dew drops and give birth to many children to repopulate the earth.

From the great Ash new rays of light will come from the skies above, for, a daughter was born by the sun before the wolf swallowed her in the dawn of Ragnarok. This is how it all has ended; and this is how the world begins.