Hoenir was called the "Brighter god" and was considered the most timid among the Aesir. During the wars between the Aesir and the Vanir, a truce was established, and both races exchanged two hostages. The Aesir recieved Njord and Freyr while the Vanir recieved Hoenir and Mimir.

The Vanir, however, felt as though they did not receive a fair trade, because Hoenir's silence was not useful to them at counsel. They proceeded by cutting off Mimir's head and sending it to the Aesir as a sign of dissatisfaction

Hoenir has been described as a tall and handsome god that seemed to be somewhat aloof. His silence, which at one point was damaging, can also very well be regarded as a sign of strength and wisdom. According to the Valuspa, Hoenir was the giver of intelligence in the beginning of time.

Hoenir was not defeated in the battle of Ragnarok. He later on ruled in the new world.

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