Heimdall was known as the watchman of the gods and guardian of Bifrost. He lived in a palace called Himinbjorg. He was refered to as the bright god or the light. He was innocent and graceful due to his beauty and goodness. Heimdall's teeth were made of gold. His surname was, therefore, Gullintani which meant golden-toothed.

Heimdall possesed a steed with a golden mane called Gull-top/Goldtuft. This mare provided him with the swiftest transport to and from the bridge. His duty was to protect Asgard from the frost giants. He was named Heimdellinger-Herald of the Day. He crossed the bridge many times, especially early in the morning. It is said that Heimdall did not need sleep.

Heimdall was bestowed with a heightened sense of awarness in both sight and hearing. It is said that his sense of hearing was so keen that he could hear blades of grass sprouting from the earth and hear the wool of sheep growing.

On doomsday , Heimdall will stand up to blast a chilling sound on his horn, Gjoll. This trumpet will warn everyone of the inevitable doom. The blast can be heard throughout all the worlds as a signal for everyone to assemble together.

Heimdall will perish at the hands of the Fenris wolf in the last battle of Ragnarok.

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