Frey is a fertility god belonging to the race of the Vanir. He has control over rain and sunshine; therefore, he is bound to the fertility of the land and its bounty. Frey has been called the "Lord of the Harvest" . Those who invoke him during worship ask for a successful crop season and peace.

Frey is the son of Njord, god of the sea, and his sibling is the enigmatic goddess Freyja. Like his sister, Frey holds the position of high priest. His task is to preside over sacrificial rites.

Frey resides in the hall of Alfheim, home of the light elves. He owns a chariot steered by a gold-bristled boar named Gullinbursti. Its bristles shed radiant light that facilitates Frey's travel through darkness. This boar was fashioned by two dwarfs named Brokk and Eitri who crafted magical treasures for the gods.

Frey also has another treasure that was given to him by Loki. It is a ship called Skidbladnir. This vessel is big enough to carry all the gods of Asgard. When the ship is not in use, it can be dismantled and folded into an object so small that it can be kept inside a purse.

Frey will fight against the fire giant of Muspell, Surt, and will die in Ragnarok for lack of a sword.

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