Baldr is the second son of Odin and Frigg. He was admired for his fair and radiant beauty. Baldr was the wisest and noblest among all the gods in Asgard. He lived in a region in heaven called Breidablik where no evil could reach him. Nothing but good could be said about this merciful god. The Aesir and Vanir worried greatly when Baldr had nightmares that could not be explained. Odin travelled to the land of the dead to consult the seeress about his dreams.

Baldr's mother Frigg tried to keep Baldr away from danger by devoting her life to taking oaths from all plants, creatures, elements, and metals that they not harm him. By doing so, Baldr became immune to pain caused by objects and weapons thrown at him. This became a source of entertainment for most gods, since they knew they could not kill him. Loki, however, discovered that Baldr could in fact be harmed by the Mistletoe plant, for Frigg claimed that it was too young to ask a pledge of it.

Baldr was innocently killed by his brother Hod, the blind god, when Loki persuaded him to fling a shaft of this deadly shrub. It pierced Baldr like a spear, and Baldr was sent to the the realm of Hel. Everyone mourned his death and his brother Hermod went to Hel to pleed for his release. His wish was granted under the condition that all creatures great and small would weep for Baldr's return. Loki, again, prevented this from happening, for he disguised himself as a lonely giantess that would not cry.

Baldr's death marks the beginning of the end of the world. It is a warning sign that destruction draws nearer. Loki now grows progressively more evil in nature and the nine worlds under the Yggdrasil tree start to crumble.

Baldr will return from Hel at the end of Ragnarok to meet at the Ida plain with the rest of the survivors and rule in the new world.

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