Idun has an important function in Asgard for she is the keeper of the golden apples of youth. The gods eat this fruit to keep themselves young for all eternity until the coming of Ragnarok.

There is no proof that Idun's life giving fruit grew on any trees in Asgard . The Prose Edda states that Idun kept this treasure in a box. This casket is said to be made out of Ash-wood which Idun keeps beside her out of the reach of the giants.

There are very few literary references relating to the goddess Idun. There is, however, a myth that acknowledges her importance in the Nordic pantheon. This story,The Theft of Idun's Apples, recalls her kidnapping by the giant Thjaz and the theft of the fruit of immortality. The trickster god Loki plays a significant role in Idun's disappearance. This situation causes the gods to grow old and wrinkled because they do not have Idun to feed them. When she is returned to Asgard the gods regain their youth.

Idun is the wife of Bragi, the god of poetry. Because Bragi is known to be one of Odin's attributive names, Idun can be considered the bride of the All-father.

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