Of all the goddesses in Asgard, Freyja is the most beautiful. She is revered as the "bride of the Vanir". Freyja is a fertility goddess, offering prosperity to the community as well as in marriage.

Freyja has a reputation as a flirt. She enjoys love poetry and uses her love lore on many gods and creatures of the underworld. The trickster god Loki has accused her of having an incestuous relationship with her brother Frey.

Her most prized possession is the necklace of the Brisings. She bartered sexual favors in order to obtain it by promising to spend one evening with each of the four dwarfs who crafted it. There are no magical attributes linked with this piece of jewlery. Therefore vanity alone caused her to treasure it. When All-father had Loki take it away from her, Frejya started a war in retaliation.

The Valkyries are closely related to the cult of Freyja because she is considered the bride of all fallen heroes, as well as the bride of the early kings.

Freyja rides through the battlefield in her cat-drawn chariot. She picks up half of the corpses, leaving Odin the remaining half. Like Odin, Freyja is a leader of souls as well as a sorceress. She is known as a priestess who taught prophecy to the Aesir.

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