The goddess Gna held an important position as an emissary to the goddess Frigg. She travelled great distances to deliver her messages and is said to have soared through the sky swiftly and rapidly back and fourth on errands.

Gna would ride over land and sea on her steed named Hofvarpnir or Hoof Thrower. Gna wa also obligated to report all the things she knew and saw during her voyages to Frigg.

Frigg once sent Gna to deliver a golden apple to King Rerir in Hunaland after Gna reported that she noticed the king lamenting on his wife's inability to bear a child. Gna is said to have tossed this apple from the sky so that it landed on the king's lap. He gave the piece of fruit to his wife; she ate it and then became fertile.

Gna is said to have competed with Iris in speed. Very little information about this rivalry has been recorded in the Eddas.

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