Asgard is one of the nine realms resulting from the creation of heaven and earth. It is the home of the gods. Twelve gods and twelve goddesses form the Nordic pantheon in the circle of Asgard. The gods reside in a golden abode named Gladsheim. The sanctuary for the goddesses is called Vingolf.

The race of warrior gods that inhabit Asgard are the Aesir and Odin is their leader. He resides in Valaskjalf, where he sits on his throne with a view of the worlds from under a silver-thatched roof. Another race of gods called the Vanir dwell in the land of Vanaheim, adjacent to Asgard.

In the southern regions of Asgard lies Gimle, a hall as radiant as the sun. It will outlive the world's destruction and will house the righteous for all eternity.

Valhalla is the hall of the slain. Exceptional warriors who have fought and died honorably in battle are taken by the Odin's maids,Valkyriesto Odin's domain. In this place, the heroes feast on pork and drink endless horns of mead. Odin will use these warriors in the last war against the giants, and they will perish together as the world is destroyed.

Alfheim is the third realm in the world of Asgard. It is the dwelling place of the light elves, who have a close relationship with the gods.