Bragi was the god of poetry. He was greatly admired for his inspiration and eloquence with words. He was very wise and silver-tongued. Bragi was the son of Odin and was one of the Aesir. He married Idun, the keeper of the golden apples of youth.

In the story of The Flyting of Loki, in the Poetic Edda, Bragi was described a wearing an arm ring. There is no information pertaining to its function or as to whether it has any magical properties.

Bragi has been also described as the 'old poet'. He was often depicted as the "long-bearded one". Bragi may in fact be a reflection of Odin, since the name Bragi is also one of the All-father's kennings. The term "Bragi's breath" has been used interchangeably with the word poetry.

Bragi resides in Valhalla. Like Odin, he welcomes the slain soldiers.

Bragi did not survive the world's destruction and there is no record stating how he engaged in the last battle.

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