Brothers and New Members 2010


Front Row: Andrew Cyphers, Garrett Shields, Ben Snyder, Brian Haig, Michael Cimerola, Bo Snitchler, James Haklar, Kam Millar, John Jones. Second Row: Akshat Bhandari, Tyler Weick, Matthew Murray, Jeff McManus, Marc Katz, Noah Segal, Colin Andersen, Andrew Ringwood, James Martin, Artem Kolomytsev, Marc Bonilla. Back Row: Dylan Kelleher, Liam Timms, Matt White, Robert Sieg.

About Us

The Theta Lambda chapter of Delta Sigma Phi, located on the campus of Dickinson College is one of the preeminent fraternities on campus. Engaging our mission of better men, Brothers have managed to be one of the most actively engaged fraternities on campus. The fraternity, for instance, achieved over 1200 hours of community service, more than double of any other fraternity. With Brothers active in over twenty student organizations, numerous club, intramural, and varsity sports, Delta Sigma Phi has one of the most diverse bodies of any organization on campus.