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"Finding History is a well-written, concise, and easy-to-use volume that can be used for bibliographic instruction for students of history or the liberal arts. After an introduction, a "getting started" section, and an overview, Bombaro (Dickinson College) covers tertiary, secondary, and primary sources and search tricks. The final chapter is "Case Study." The lessons on deciding whether or not materials are scholarly and on determining bias, as well as the excellent case study on the use of these techniques, would be welcome in any bibliographic instruction session at any college or university. The information presented in Finding History will be incredibly useful to two- and four-year college students. Summing Up: Recommended."


American Reference Books Annual:

"...this work is good for students to use as a handbook for learning to research, specifically in the area of history but in all areas that can use ideas and examples drawn from history, as well as being suitable for librarians seeking ideas for information literacy sessions for history students, and for collection development of free and paid sources. Written so that it can be read cover-to-cover as a textbook or informational text, the chapters also stand alone, serving as a reference book to refer to when facing specific questions....This book is of great use to new students of history and those practitioners who are new to technology or wish a refresher to adapt to the ever-changing and over-expanding world of historical research, and to gain an understanding of the methods and standards behind the research proves followed by librarians and history professionals."


John Osborne & Matthew Pinsker, Dickinson College:

"From the firm foundation of a deep understanding of what it means to be an historical researcher, Christine Bombaro teaches a clear lesson in navigation through the information revolution.  Rarely does a guide for a specific, and neglected, audience meet its many challenges in a warm, effective, and successful way.  Finding History is certain to make a strong and positive impact on the work of thousands of historical researchers of all types."



Irving Fang, University of Minnesota:

"Finding History is a first-rate guide to library research. After decades of poking around in libraries, I found much that was familiar in these pages, but not all by any means. The book is most appropriate for history majors, but it can usefully help students with any major."