Clinical Assessment and REsearch (CARE) Laboratory


Welcome to the Clinical Assessment and REsearch (CARE) Lab at Dickinson!

The CARE Lab investigates affect, perception, personality, and interpersonal factors across the range of normal and abnormal functioning, with particular attention directed toward the measurement of these phenomena. We are interested in enhancing the accuracy of psychological assessment such as through intensive repeated measurement (i.e., administering “in the moment” brief surveys through iPods to participants in their naturalistic environments) and the use of multiple informants. We are also interested in examining risk and maintenance factors for psychopathology and the use of systematic science to inform prevention programs for eating disorders. Current studies examine the acceptability, feasibility, and impact of guided self-help mental health interventions; technology-enhanced psychological assessment; unhealthy patterns of social interaction among undergraduate women; stigma and the internalization of weight bias; and social cognition in anorexia nervosa.