Shamma Adeeb Alam

Assistant Professor, Department of International Studies
Dickinson College
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Publications/ Forthcoming Papers:

Parental Health Shocks, Child Labor and Educational Outcomes: Evidence from Tanzania (Forthcoming in Journal of Health Economics)

Do Pesticide Sellers Make Farmers Sick? Health, Information and Adoption of Technology in Bangladesh, with Hendrik Wolff (Forthcoming in Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics)

Asset Onwership and Microloan Repayment: Examining Data from Bangladesh, Development Policy Review, 31 (1) 3434-368. (2013) (with Roger White)

Working Papers:

Income Shocks, Contraceptive Use and Timing of Fertility, with Claus Portner (submitted)

The Distributional Impact of Fiscal Policy in Jordan, with Gabriela Inchauste and Umar Serajuddin (forthcoming as book chapter in 'The Distributional Impact of Fiscal Policy: Evidence from Developing Countries' edited by Gabriela Inchauste and Nora Lustig)

Did the Great Recession Affect Fertility? Examining the Impact of Layoffs on Timing of Births in the U.S.

Can Community Health Workers Influence the Health Access Behaviors of Individuals? Evidence from a RCT in Uganda, with Munshi Sulaiman

Do Households Space Births in Response to Different Shocks? Understanding the Short and Medium Term Effects of a Diverse Set of Shocks on Fertility in Tanzania

Work in Progress:

Impact of the Great Recession on Health Outcomes of Spouses of Laid-off Individuals, with Paula Kazi

Do Farmers Change Agricultural Strategy Following Shocks? Effect of Shocks on Crop Diversity and Price Information Seeking Behavior of Farmers in Tanzania

Do Borrowers Predict Seasonal Fluctuations in Income? Evidence from Data of 14 million Microfinance Borrowers in Bangladesh

Impact of the 2008 World Food Price Shock on Fertility and Health Outcomes: Evidence from Tanzania